CBD Gummies from feelCBD (600mg, 1200mg, 1500mg and 3000mg )

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Bears / 3000mgFC-RICBG-3000841917138574
Bears / 600mgFC-RICBG-600841917138581
Bears / 1200mgFC-RICBG-1200841917138598
Bears / 1500mgFC-RICBG-1500841917138604
Peach Slices / 3000mgFC-DIAPS-3000841917138611
Peach Slices / 600mgFC-DIAPS-600841917138628
Peach Slices / 1200mgFC-DIAPS-1200841917138635
Peach Slices / 1500mgFC-DIAPS-1500841917138642
Fruit Slices / 3000mgFC-IREFS-3000841917138659
Fruit Slices / 600mgFC-IREFS-600841917138666
Fruit Slices / 1200mgFC-IREFS-1200841917138673
Fruit Slices / 1500mgFC-IREFS-1500841917138680
Worms / 3000mgFC-ASCW-3000841917138697
Worms / 600mgFC-ASCW-600841917138703
Worms / 1200mgFC-ASCW-1200841917138710
Worms / 1500mgFC-ASCW-1500841917138727
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  • Contains organic CBD
  • Formulated to help promote a sense of calm and overall wellness
  • Tastes like other popular gummy candies on the market
  • Eat 1–3 gummies every 6 hours
  • Choose from Gummy Bears, Worm Gummies, Peach Slices or Fruit Slices
  • Size of product: 600mg, 1200mg 1500mg or 3000mg.