Premium Ultrasonic LED Color Changing Diffuser With 6-Piece Essential Oil Set


Premium Ultrasonic LED Color Changing Diffuser With 6-Piece Essential Oil Set

Top Collection / White Marble TravelBUN-2-CEL-LONEOS-1957472560178630.0 oz
Top Collection / Oak WoodBUN-2-SER-LONEOS-6307472560178700.0 oz
Top Collection / LEDBUN-2-GRA-LONEOS-6327472560178870.0 oz
Top Collection / 3DBUN-2-INT-LONEOS-1997472560178940.0 oz
Top Collection / CubeBUN-2-STE-LONEOS-1987472560179000.0 oz
Top Collection / Porcelain BeigeBUN-2-LUN-LONEOS-6637472560179170.0 oz
Top Collection / Porcelain BlackBUN-2-STO-LONEOS-2007472560179240.0 oz
Top Collection / Porcelain PinkBUN-2-UMB-LONEOS-6617472560179310.0 oz
Winter Collection / White Marble TravelBUN-2-CEL-BANEOS-9487472560163230.0 oz
Winter Collection / Oak WoodBUN-2-SER-BANEOS-9497472560163300.0 oz
Winter Collection / LEDBUN-2-GRA-BANEOS-9507472560163470.0 oz
Winter Collection / 3DBUN-2-INT-BANEOS-9517472560163540.0 oz
Winter Collection / CubeBUN-2-STE-BANEOS-9527472560163610.0 oz
Winter Collection / Porcelain BeigeBUN-2-LUN-BANEOS-9537472560163780.0 oz
Winter Collection / Porcelain BlackBUN-2-STO-BANEOS-9547472560163850.0 oz
Winter Collection / Porcelain PinkBUN-2-UMB-BANEOS-9557472560163920.0 oz
Gentlemen's Collection / White Marble TravelBUN-2-CEL-ANKEOS-9627472560164600.0 oz
Gentlemen's Collection / Oak WoodBUN-2-SER-ANKEOS-9637472560164770.0 oz
Gentlemen's Collection / LEDBUN-2-GRA-ANKEOS-9647472560164840.0 oz
Gentlemen's Collection / 3DBUN-2-INT-ANKEOS-9657472560164910.0 oz
Gentlemen's Collection / CubeBUN-2-STE-ANKEOS-9667472560165070.0 oz
Gentlemen's Collection / Porcelain BeigeBUN-2-LUN-ANKEOS-9677472560165140.0 oz
Gentlemen's Collection / Porcelain BlackBUN-2-STO-ANKEOS-9687472560165210.0 oz
Gentlemen's Collection / Porcelain PinkBUN-2-UMB-ANKEOS-9697472560165380.0 oz
Relaxation / Yoga Collection / White Marble TravelBUN-2-CEL-BOSEOS-9767472560166060.0 oz
Relaxation / Yoga Collection / Oak WoodBUN-2-SER-BOSEOS-9777472560166130.0 oz
Relaxation / Yoga Collection / LEDBUN-2-GRA-BOSEOS-9787472560166200.0 oz
Relaxation / Yoga Collection / 3DBUN-2-INT-BOSEOS-9797472560166370.0 oz
Relaxation / Yoga Collection / CubeBUN-2-STE-BOSEOS-9807472560166440.0 oz
Relaxation / Yoga Collection / Porcelain BeigeBUN-2-LUN-BOSEOS-9817472560166510.0 oz
Relaxation / Yoga Collection / Porcelain BlackBUN-2-STO-BOSEOS-9827472560166680.0 oz
Relaxation / Yoga Collection / Porcelain PinkBUN-2-UMB-BOSEOS-9837472560166750.0 oz
Island Gateway Collection / White Marble TravelBUN-2-CEL-DUBEOS-9907472560167430.0 oz
Island Gateway Collection / Oak WoodBUN-2-SER-DUBEOS-9917472560167500.0 oz
Island Gateway Collection / LEDBUN-2-GRA-DUBEOS-9927472560167670.0 oz
Island Gateway Collection / 3DBUN-2-INT-DUBEOS-9937472560167740.0 oz
Island Gateway Collection / CubeBUN-2-STE-DUBEOS-9947472560167810.0 oz
Island Gateway Collection / Porcelain BeigeBUN-2-LUN-DUBEOS-9957472560167980.0 oz
Island Gateway Collection / Porcelain BlackBUN-2-STO-DUBEOS-9967472560168040.0 oz
Island Gateway Collection / Porcelain PinkBUN-2-UMB-DUBEOS-9977472560168110.0 oz
Summer Collection / White Marble TravelBUN-2-CEL-GREEOS-10047472560168800.0 oz
Summer Collection / Oak WoodBUN-2-SER-GREEOS-10057472560168970.0 oz
Summer Collection / LEDBUN-2-GRA-GREEOS-10067472560169030.0 oz
Summer Collection / 3DBUN-2-INT-GREEOS-10077472560169100.0 oz
Summer Collection / CubeBUN-2-STE-GREEOS-10087472560169270.0 oz
Summer Collection / Porcelain BeigeBUN-2-LUN-GREEOS-10097472560169340.0 oz
Summer Collection / Porcelain BlackBUN-2-STO-GREEOS-10107472560169410.0 oz
Summer Collection / Porcelain PinkBUN-2-UMB-GREEOS-10117472560169580.0 oz
Premium Fragrance Collection / White Marble TravelBUN-2-CEL-KUAEOS-10187472560170230.0 oz
Premium Fragrance Collection / Oak WoodBUN-2-SER-KUAEOS-10197472560170300.0 oz
Premium Fragrance Collection / LEDBUN-2-GRA-KUAEOS-10207472560170470.0 oz
Premium Fragrance Collection / 3DBUN-2-INT-KUAEOS-10217472560170540.0 oz
Premium Fragrance Collection / CubeBUN-2-STE-KUAEOS-10227472560170610.0 oz
Premium Fragrance Collection / Porcelain BeigeBUN-2-LUN-KUAEOS-10237472560170780.0 oz
Premium Fragrance Collection / Porcelain BlackBUN-2-STO-KUAEOS-10247472560170850.0 oz
Premium Fragrance Collection / Porcelain PinkBUN-2-UMB-KUAEOS-10257472560170920.0 oz
Kid's Collection / White Marble TravelBUN-2-CEL-MOSEOS-10327472560171600.0 oz
Kid's Collection / Oak WoodBUN-2-SER-MOSEOS-10337472560171770.0 oz
Kid's Collection / LEDBUN-2-GRA-MOSEOS-10347472560171840.0 oz
Kid's Collection / 3DBUN-2-INT-MOSEOS-10357472560171910.0 oz
Kid's Collection / CubeBUN-2-STE-MOSEOS-10367472560172070.0 oz
Kid's Collection / Porcelain BeigeBUN-2-LUN-MOSEOS-10377472560172140.0 oz
Kid's Collection / Porcelain BlackBUN-2-STO-MOSEOS-10387472560172210.0 oz
Kid's Collection / Porcelain PinkBUN-2-UMB-MOSEOS-10397472560172380.0 oz
Fruit Collection / White Marble TravelBUN-2-CEL-MAUEOS-10467472560173060.0 oz
Fruit Collection / Oak WoodBUN-2-SER-MAUEOS-10477472560173130.0 oz
Fruit Collection / LEDBUN-2-GRA-MAUEOS-10487472560173200.0 oz
Fruit Collection / 3DBUN-2-INT-MAUEOS-10497472560173370.0 oz
Fruit Collection / CubeBUN-2-STE-MAUEOS-10507472560173440.0 oz
Fruit Collection / Porcelain BeigeBUN-2-LUN-MAUEOS-10517472560173510.0 oz
Fruit Collection / Porcelain BlackBUN-2-STO-MAUEOS-10527472560173680.0 oz
Fruit Collection / Porcelain PinkBUN-2-UMB-MAUEOS-10537472560173750.0 oz
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The ultrasonic aroma diffuser fills the room with refreshing scents to help you relax and moisturizes dry air. This makes these diffusers high-grade, looks beautiful and is perfect for any décor. Use it as a decorative piece to create unique scenery or give it as a gift.


  • 2-in-1 essential oil diffuser and humidifier
  • 7 soothing LED lights to create a calming atmosphere; cycle or steady modes; dim and brighter light options
  • 4-time setting modes: 1h, 3h, 6h, or continuous
  • Works silently to help you relax
  • Shuts off automatically when water empties
  • Mist output: 30–80ml/H
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Working time: up to 12 hours
  • Suitable for rooms 15m x 15m
  • Diffuser dimensions -  6.3 x 8.4 inches
  • Material - Acrylic, Glass, Plastic and Ceramic
  • Care instructions - Wash the container with hot water after every few days to keep it clean. Wipe the top with a hot damp cloth
  • Essential Oil - 10ml each
  • Comes with choice of 6 Pack Essential Oils

Top Collection Scents:

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon Grass
  • Peppermint
  • Sweet Orange
  • Tea Tree

Winter Collection Scents:

  • Energy
  • Breathe
  • Anxiety
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Thief

Gentlemen’s Collection Scents:

  • Mahogany
  • Cedar
  • Bay rum
  • Teakwood
  • Sandalwood
  • Sweet tobacco

Relaxation Collection Scents:

  • Breathe easy
  • Immunity boost
  • Inner peace
  • Sleep
  • Stress release
  • Unwind

Island Gateway Collection Scents:

  • Barrier Reef
  • Mountain Meets The Ocean
  • Beautiful day
  • Caribbean Escape
  • Mermaid
  • Honolulu sun

Summer Vibes Collection Scents:

  • Pina colada
  • Strawberry
  • Coconut passion
  • Bali island
  • Ocean
  • Plumeria

Fragrance Collection Scents:

  • Passion Fruit and Guava
  • Bali Mango
  • Juniper Breeze
  • Twilight Woods
  • Guava Colada
  • Love Spell

Kid’s Collection Scents:

  • Study Time
  • Calming The Child
  • Germ Destroyer
  • Nighty Night
  • Immune Boom
  • Sniffle Stopper

Fruits Collection Scents:

  • Apple
  • Mango
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  •  Strawberry