Game of Thrones Inspired Makeup Brush Set (8-Piece)

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Game of Thrones Inspired Makeup Brush Set (8-Piece)LS-8KHAMS-BRO841917164733
Weight8.0 oz
Warehouse NameKhaleesi
Product Dimension9.5 x 4''
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This set of 8 different makeup brushes with ergonomic handles can help you complete your full makeup routine

  • Allow for even and precise makeup application
  • Inspired by books and movies
  • Brush handles made out of metal
  • Great gift for makeup enthusiasts
  • Product dimensions: 9.5 x 4''
  • Weight- 8oz 
Set Contents
  • Blending brush
  • Eye-shadow brush
  • Eye crease brush
  • Defining eye brush
  • Concealer/lip brush
  • 2 x Repairing Brush.
  • Sponge Brush