Mixed Lava Stone Chakra Diffuser Bracelet with Optional Essential Oil

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Angel Wings / With OilTI-JAKDB-ANG-TI-PAGEO-LAV841917144643
Angel Wings / Without OilTI-JAKDB-ANG841917144599
Love / With OilTI-JAKDB-LOV-TI-PAGEO-LAV841917144650
Love / Without OilTI-JAKDB-LOV841917144605
Hope / With OilTI-JAKDB-HOP-TI-PAGEO-LAV841917144667
Hope / Without OilTI-JAKDB-HOP841917144612
Faith / With OilTI-JAKDB-FAI-TI-PAGEO-LAV841917144674
Faith / Without OilTI-JAKDB-FAI841917144629
Believe / With OilTI-JAKDB-BEL-TI-PAGEO-LAV841917144681
Believe / Without OilTI-JAKDB-BEL841917144636
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This lava stone bracelet featuring a porous surface that holds essential oils can help reduce stress and anxiety in the go

Mixed Lava Stone Chakra Diffuser Bracelet with Optional Essential Oils
  • Help enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy on the go
  • May help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and headaches
  • Features porous lava stone design to hold essential oils
  • Choose from Angel Wings, Love, Hope, Faith and  Believe.
  • 100% pure essential oils
  • Oil volume: 10ml
  • One size fits most
  • Product dimensions: 1”x4”x4”