Heated Ice Scraper with Built-In Wide-Beam LED Light

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Heated Ice Scraper with Built-In Wide-Beam LED LightTE-HIS-1479841917101479
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Our least favorite part of winter is having to head out to the car in the morning to scrape the ice off the windows in the dark. It seems to take forever, and just isn't very fun! While we don't know if we can ever make it a fun experience, we certainly can help make it easier! This Heated Ice Scraper with Built-In Wide-Beam LED Light will make the task of scraping off those windows a breeze, thanks to its unique design. The aluminum heating elements?˜melts?˜ice?˜away, making it easy to clear off your windows, no matter how thick the ice is. The built-in flashlight makes it easy to see in the dark, and the 15' cord allows you to easily move around the car. It's a winter essential!

  • Aluminum heating element melts the ice
  • Easy to remove the stubborn ice from the windshield
  • Built-in wide-beam flashlight
  • Useful for searching and removing ice from the windshield in the dark
  • Extendable handle
  • Extends an extra 5"
  • Helps?˜to get the hard to reach spots
  • 12V car adapter with 15' cord
  • Plug in the power adapter into the car's 12V outlet
  • Easily move around the vehicle
  • Hidden storage in the hand grip for the 12V Car Adapter
  • Ice cracking claws
  • 10 strong and firm claws to crack and break stubborn ice
  • Built-in squeegee to wipe away the melted ice and excess water