Relaxation Pocket Hammock - Assorted Colors

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Let's talk about the elephant in the room, or make that two elephants, and not just in the room, but perhaps outside the room as well. Of course, we're not talking about real pachyderms here. We're going to extol the virtues of these comfortable, nylon hammocks made by Two Elephants (again, not the real pachyderms!). Perfect for siestas, lounging, relaxing, chilling, almost anything in a horizontal position, these hammocks are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Compact enough to pack up and take with you, they're ideal in the backyard, the porch, TV room--really anywhere you (or anyone in your family) want to take a load off your feet.

  • Made of hefty nylon cord mesh material
  • Compact enough for easy storage and travel
  • A comfortable hammock - perfect for siestas, garden lounging, or simply relaxing
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Cute addition to any kid's room, play room, TV room, deck, porch, or backyard
  • Great for vacations
  • Maximum weight - 265lbs
  • Includes 2 steel rings, and 2 white hanging ropes/emergency ropes (75" L)
  • Measures 106" L
  • Available in your choice of Red, Green, or Blue