6 Pocket Armrest Organizer

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6 Pocket Armrest OrganizerARO-2987
Weight14.4 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA
Product Dimension13.1 x 8 x 2.3
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Accessorize your favorite seat at home. The Armrest Organizer is the perfect addition to any family room couch or chair. With 6 built-in compartments, this versatile organizer stores remote controls, eyeglasses, program guides, and other belongings right by your favorite seat. The organizer also features?˜a 11?˜x?˜6 inch?˜table top, perfect for food, drinks, note taking and more.?˜Armrest?˜grip adjusts to fit any size couch or chair in seconds.

  • Quickly organize and store all your?˜favourite?˜TV and household accessories
  • 6 large pockets hold remote controls, eyeglasses and program guides
  • 18"x7" flat tray for food, beverages, pens and paper
  • Adjustable design fits any size arm rests on couches,?˜sofas?˜and chairs
  • Legs bend and adjust to fit most?˜arm rest