Self Stirring Coffee Mug - 4 Colors

Color: Yellow
YellowTI-ALBSM-YEL8419171100519.5 oz
GreenTI-ALBSM-GRE8419171100379.5 oz
BlackTI-ALBSM-BLA8419171100209.5 oz
RedTI-ALBSM-RED8419171100449.5 oz
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For the coffee and tea lover, this coffee mug is made just for you. With the simple press of a button, this coffee mug stirs your drink for you. Because we know that drinking coffee should be the easiest thing in the world

  • Capacity: 301-400ml
  • Works promptly upon the press of the button
  • Suited for just about any beverage
  • Requires 2 batteries