10-Piece: Hooked Up Professional Makeup Brush Set

10-Piece: Hooked Up Professional Makeup Brush SetLS-10PALMB-GRA8419171354360.0 oz
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Makeup application just got easier. These stunning and stylish brushes include every brush you might need for a flawless look. Say goodbye to poor makeup application and hello to a new flawless looking you. 

  • Gradient Hook design.
  • Synthetic bristles 
  • Improves makeup application
  • Clean brushes with antibacterial soap, rinse, reshape and let dry
  • Includes 10 makeup brushes

Powder Brush (7.6 inches)
Blush Brush (8.0 inches)
Flat Head Brush (8.0 inches)
Oblique Brush (8.0 inches)
Foundation Brush (8.0 inches)
Mini Powder Brush (7.0 inches)
Mini Blush Brush (7.0 inches)
Mini Flat Head Brush (7.0 inches)
Mini Oblique Brush (7.0 inches)
Mini Foundation Brush (7.0 inches)