11-Piece: All Dolled Up Makeup Brush Set


11-Piece: All Dolled Up Makeup Brush Set

11-Piece: All Dolled Up Makeup Brush SetLS-11JOVMB-WHI8419171354050.0 oz
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Just ask any makeup artist, fabulous makeup is all about the application. Did you know every piece of makeup in your collection requires a specific brush? It's the truth, walk into any beauty store and they will tell you brushing, blending, and enhancing begins and ends with the perfect brushes. This cosmetic brush set has everything you need to apply your makeup so you look runway ready every single day. 

  • Synthetic bristles 
  • Improves makeup application
  • Clean brushes with antibacterial soap, rinse, reshape and let dry
  • Includes 11 brushes

Flat Head Brush (5.5 inches)
Powder Brush (6 inches)
Blush Brush (6.0 inches)
Mini Flame Brush (6.2 inches)
Eye Shadow Brush (6.2 inches)
Concealer Brush (6.2 inches)
Flat Top Eyebrow Brush (6.0 inches)
Lip Brush (6.0 inches)
Angle Eyebrow Brush (6.0 inches)
Mini Fan Brush (7.0 inches)

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