12-Piece Grill Set and Cooler Bag

12-Piece Grill Set and Cooler BagNV-003608116760126062.8 oz
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This 12 Piece Grill Set and Cooler Bag is fantastic for outdoor meal caddy. The cooler bag holds up to 14 cans of your favorite beverage and ice, and when you unzip the front pouch, you'll discover all the grill essentials you need! The kit contains a cork screw, cutting board, grilling tools, oven mitt, utensils and more. 
Cooler bag:
17 1/2" x 5" x 9"; high; tongs: 13 1/2" long;
fork: 13 3/4" long;
spatula: 13 3/4" long;
mitt: 9 1/4" long;
salt and pepper shaker
Each is 2 1/4" long;
Knife: 8" long; table fork: 7" long; spreading knife: 7 1/2" long;
cutting board: 6" x 5".
Stainless steel, nylon, foam gel, and wood.
Hand washes only.