15 Piece Spa Set

15 Piece Spa SetJB60350178740077210.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
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Pamper yourself with silky smooth skin. 4 Interchangeable heads to scrub, smooth, soften & soothe. Includes pumice brush, loofah brush, lotion applicator holder, 10 refill pads and body sponge. Foldable, ergonomic handle.

  • Set includes  pumice brush, loofah brush, lotion applicator holder, 10 lotion applicators,  body sponge and  foldable long handle wand
  • Long ergonomic handle for hard to reach areas
  • No bending, twisting or straining –ideal for feet, legs, ankles, and back
  • Easily apply lotions or gels all over your body
  • Interchangeable heads help scrub, soften, soothe, or smooth your body
  • Everything stores neatly in a zippered pouch