Candy Makeup Bag - Assorted Colors

Color: Blue
BlueTI-PARMB-BLU8419171125741.0 oz
BlackTI-PARMB-BLA8419171125671.0 oz
GreenTI-PARMB-GRE8419171125811.0 oz
OrangeTI-PARMB-ORA8419171125981.0 oz
PurpleTI-PARMB-PUR8419171126041.0 oz
RoseTI-PARMB-ROS8419171168481.0 oz
YellowTI-PARMB-YEL8419171126111.0 oz
PinkTI-PARMB-PIN8419171126281.0 oz
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Tired of leaving behind valuable items because of space? Well if that’s the case you’re in luck with this new Candy Makeup Bag. Lightweight and portable design is not only stylish but space saving and fits in your purse in seconds. Great for carrying around all of your makeup necessities for on the go touchups and travel. The perfect gift for the woman who loves convenience.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Lightweight and portable design perfect for on the go and travel
  • Can be reversed to save extra space when travelling light