Anti-Snoring Jaw Strap

Color: Blue
Pack: 1-Pack
Blue / 1-PackTI-ASJS-2.0 oz
Blue / 2-PackTI-ASJS-2PK-4.0 oz
Blue / 3-PackTI-ASJS-3PK-6.0 oz
Black / 1-PackTI-ASJS-BLA-2.0 oz
Black / 2-PackTI-ASJS-BLA-2PK-4.0 oz
Black / 3-PackTI-ASJS-BLA-3PK-6.0 oz
Gray / 1-PackTI-ASJS-GRA8419171103102.0 oz
Gray / 2-PackTI-ASJS-GRA-2PK-4.0 oz
Gray / 3-PackTI-ASJS-GRA-3PK-6.0 oz
Pink / 1-PackTI-ASJS-PIN8419171103272.0 oz
Pink / 2-PackTI-ASJS-PIN-2PK-4.0 oz
Pink / 3-PackTI-ASJS-PIN-3PK-6.0 oz
Purple / 1-PackTI-ASJS-PUR8419171103342.0 oz
Purple / 2-PackTI-ASJS-PUR-2PK-4.0 oz
Purple / 3-PackTI-ASJS-PUR-3PK-6.0 oz
Red / 1-PackTI-ASJS-RED8419171103412.0 oz
Red / 2-PackTI-ASJS-RED-2PK-4.0 oz
Red / 3-PackTI-ASJS-RED-3PK-6.0 oz
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  • Helps increase REM sleep for a better night’s rest
  • May help prevent dry mouth and sore throat
  • May provide relief from obstructive sleep apnea, jaw dislocation, or tremors
  • Comfortable ear holes help sleepers rest easy

Elasticized Neoprene

  • Anti-snoring jaw strap
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Product Dimensions: 6” x 3” x 1”