2.0 Lava Stone Chakra Diffuser Bracelet (2-Pk.) with Optional Essential Oil

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Green / With OilBUN-2-OIL-BRAC#98841917155755
Green / Without OilTI-2VESDOF-GRE841917155687
Navy / With OilBUN-2-OIL-BRAC#99841917155762
Navy / Without OilTI-2VESDOF-NAV841917155694
AMB / With OilBUN-2-OIL-BRAC#100841917155779
AMB / Without OilTI-2VESDOF-AMB841917155700
Violet / With OilBUN-2-OIL-BRAC#101841917155786
Violet / Without OilTI-2VESDOF-VIO841917155717
Brown / With OilBUN-2-OIL-BRAC#102841917155793
Brown / Without OilTI-2VESDOF-BRO841917155724
Red / With OilBUN-2-OIL-BRAC#103841917155809
Red / Without OilTI-2VESDOF-RED841917155731
Turquoise / With OilBUN-2-OIL-BRAC#104841917155816
Turquoise / Without OilTI-2VESDOF-TUR841917155748
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  • 2-pack of lava stone bracelets
  • Allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy on the go
  • Lava stone’s porous surface is great for holding essential oils
  • One size fits most
  • Bracelet dimensions: 4” x 1” x 4”
Essential Oil
  • Available with optional Lavender pure essential oil.
  • Essential oils may help minimize symptoms of depression, anxiety, headaches, and other
  • Bottle size: 0.33 fl. oz.