2 in 1 Clog-Free Multi-Purpose Silicone Kitchen Sink Strainer and Stopper (1 or 2-Pack)

Size: 1-Pack
1-PackTI-BERKD8419171843972.3 oz
2-PackTI-BERKD-2PK8419171844034.6 oz
Warehouse NameBERESFORD
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  • INVERT TO EMPTY - Cleaning out a sink strainer can be disgusting. This easy-to-clean silicone strainer can invert to empty, so you never have to scrape the last bits of gunk off the strainer when you’re dumping it out.
  • EFFECTIVELY TRAPS DEBRIS - Shallow sink strainers can easily overflow and redisperse debris around your sink. The deep well and small holes allow liquids to easily flow through while still retaining all the debris.
  • STAIN RESISTANT - The silicone material is stain resistant, so you can keep your sink looking pristine for longer.
  • WILL NOT SCRATCH SINK - The silicone underside will not scratch the sink.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE - When you want to give your sink a thorough cleaning, you can put this sink strainer in the dishwasher.
  • Material:Silicone + stainless steel
  • Care instruction - Dishwasher safe.
  • Product dimension - 4.6 x 1.3''