2-Pack: Headache, Migraine, Tension Relief Wearable Supporting Acupressure Clip

Color: Black
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Warehouse NameCEDAR
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  • It is a compact device that applies pressure to the LI4 acupressure point on your hand, located between your thumb and forefinger where the bone meets in a "V"  shape. 
  • It's designed to provide natural tension and headache relief throughout the day.
  • This is an all-natural, drug-free option for people looking for relief from pain caused by recurring headaches, migraines, eye problems, and fever. It can also help boost your immune system.
  • This is a discreet and mobile way of relieving discomfort while still maintaining an active lifestyle. While other acupressure and acupuncture devices can be bulky, this goes where you go.
  • For the best results, wear it on your non-dominant hand on the LI4 acupressure point. It fits like a glove.
  • Available in Black, Blue, and Green.