2-Pack: Kinesio Tape Knee and Calf Compression Sleeves

Color: Blue
Size: Medium
Blue / MediumEF-2ARLKTS-BLU-M8419171322064.0 oz
Blue / LargeEF-2ARLKTS-BLU-L8419171322134.0 oz
Blue / XLEF-2ARLKTS-BLU-XL8419171322204.0 oz
Red / MediumEF-2ARLKTS-RED-M8419171322374.0 oz
Red / LargeEF-2ARLKTS-RED-L8419171322444.0 oz
Red / XLEF-2ARLKTS-RED-XL8419171322514.0 oz
Gray / MediumEF-2ARLKTS-GRA-M8419171322684.0 oz
Gray / LargeEF-2ARLKTS-GRA-L8419171322754.0 oz
Gray / XLEF-2ARLKTS-GRA-XL8419171322824.0 oz
Yellow / MediumEF-2ARLKTS-YEL-M8419171322994.0 oz
Yellow / LargeEF-2ARLKTS-YEL-L8419171323054.0 oz
Yellow / XLEF-2ARLKTS-YEL-XL8419171323124.0 oz
Warehouse NameARLINGTON
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Product Linkhttps://goo.gl/ap4HEz

Staying fit and keeping healthy are everyone's goal. The more sports we play, the more injuries we sustain, but with the right accessories we can play longer and harder. This Dynamic Full-Leg Compression Sleeve is every athletes perfect companion. Pull it on before a run and feel the support. Guaranteed to enhance your performance. 

  • Designed to improve blood circulation
  • Help reduce swelling
  • Can be used to support after-workout recovery
  • For men and women
  • Anti-slip gel grip on top and bottom
  • Materials: 85% polyester, 5% spandex, 10% lycra
  • Hand wash, hang dry
Thigh circumference:
  • Medium: 13”-16”
  • Large: 16”-19”
  • XL: 19”-22”