2-Pack: Round Ice Cube Tray Ice Ball Maker Mold

2-Pack: Round Ice Cube Tray Ice Ball Maker MoldTI-2GASRIC84191714042310.5 oz10 x 6 x 3 inches
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The round ice cube trays with a no-fuss design are incredibly handy to help you chill your favorite drinks. These flexible trays are easy to store, clean, and don't add any odor or extra flavors to your freezers. The perfect round sphere of ice pops out effortlessly filling your life with ease and fun.

  • The round ice cubes pop out with ultimate ease after twisting the trays slightly with no hassle.
  • The ice trays come in two beautiful colors: blue and pink. Just pour the water, close the lip, release extra water and get plenty of smooth ice cubes after keeping it in the freezer.
  • The ice trays are made of high-quality food-grade material. The BPA-free safe material is durable, toxin-free, and doesn't add any extra flavors or odor.
  • The ice cube molds come with a unique design that gives perfect round-shaped ice cubes adding an extra chill to your summer parties.
  • These ice trays work fine for drinks like coke, whiskey, lemonade, ice coffees, and delicious juices.
  • Material  - PP
  • Care instructions - Dishwasher safe.
  • Product dimension - 5.7 x 9.6 x 1.5''