2-Sets: Bamboo 1800 Series Thread Count Deep PocketsSheet Set (4PC)

Color: Black/Light Gray
Size: Full
Black/Light Gray / FullBUN-2-4PC-BLA-LGRA-F-71184191719717599.0 oz
Black/Light Gray / QueenBUN-2-4PC-BLA-LGRA-Q-712841917197182106.0 oz
Black/Light Gray / KingBUN-2-4PC-BLA-LGRA-K-713841917197199126.0 oz
Black/Light Gray / California KingBUN-2-4PC-BLA-LGRA-CK-714841917197205128.0 oz
Eggplant/Gold / FullBUN-2-4PC-EGG-GOL-F-71984191719725099.0 oz
Eggplant/Gold / QueenBUN-2-4PC-EGG-GOL-Q-720841917197267106.0 oz
Eggplant/Gold / KingBUN-2-4PC-EGG-GOL-K-721841917197274126.0 oz
Eggplant/Gold / California KingBUN-2-4PC-EGG-GOL-CK-722841917197458128.0 oz
Burgundy/Chocolate / FullBUN-2-4PC-BUR-CHO-F-72384191719746599.0 oz
Burgundy/Chocolate / QueenBUN-2-4PC-BUR-CHO-Q-724841917197472106.0 oz
Burgundy/Chocolate / KingBUN-2-4PC-BUR-CHO-K-725841917197489126.0 oz
Burgundy/Chocolate / California KingBUN-2-4PC-BUR-CHO-CK-726841917197496128.0 oz
Lily/Turquoise / FullBUN-2-4PC-LIL-TUR-F-72784191719750299.0 oz
Lily/Turquoise / QueenBUN-2-4PC-LIL-TUR-Q-728841917197519106.0 oz
Lily/Turquoise / KingBUN-2-4PC-LIL-TUR-K-729841917197526126.0 oz
Lily/Turquoise / California KingBUN-2-4PC-LIL-TUR-CK-730841917197533128.0 oz
Black/Sky / FullBUN-2-4PC-BLA-SKY-F-73184191716281499.0 oz
Black/Sky / QueenBUN-2-4PC-BLA-SKY-Q-732841917162838106.0 oz
Black/Sky / KingBUN-2-4PC-BLA-SKY-K-733841917162845126.0 oz
Black/Sky / California KingBUN-2-4PC-BLA-SKY-CK-734841917162852128.0 oz
Warehouse Name4PC
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Product Linkhttps://bit.ly/3RYcK9s

After a long, hard day, there’s nothing like the cozy comfort of your bed. But if you’re sleeping on old sheets, they’re probably a little scratchy and not so comfortable anymore. Treat yourself to a little piece of luxury with this amazingly soft Bamboo 4-piece sheet set. Made from double-brushed fabric for an extra-soft feel, these sheets will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Choose from a fabulous selection of colors to help you give your bedroom a new look–and give yourself a better sleep experience.

Each Set Contents
  • Flat sheet
  • Fitted sheet
  • 2 pillowcases 
  • Type: 40% bamboo, 60% microfiber
  • Resists stains and wrinkles for easy care
  • Resists pilling, maintaining a smooth surface longer than cotton and other fibers
  • Soft and warm, microfiber retains body heat, making it ideal for cold nights
Care Instructions
  • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not bleach
Fit Information
  • Pocket depth: 12”
  • Fits mattresses up to 14”


  • Flat sheet: 81”x96”
  • Fitted sheet: 54”x75”
  • Pillowcase: 21”x30”


  • Flat sheet: 90”x102”
  • Fitted sheet: 60”x80”
  • Pillowcase: 21”x30”


  • Flat sheet: 108”x102”
  • Fitted sheet: 78”x80”
  • Pillowcase: 21”x40”

California King:

  • Flat sheet: 108”x102”
  • Fitted sheet: 72”x84”
  • Pillowcase: 21”x40”