Lightweight Travel Wallet Passport Holder, Document Organizer

Color: Black
Pair: 1-Pack
Black / 1-PackTI-PH-BLA8419171128264.5 oz
Black / 2-PackTI-PH-BLA-2PK8419171168799.0 oz
Blue / 1-PackTI-PH-BLU8419171128334.5 oz
Blue / 2-PackTI-PH-BLU-2PK8419171168869.0 oz
Green / 1-PackTI-PH-GRE8419171128404.5 oz
Green / 2-PackTI-PH-GRE-2PK8419171168939.0 oz
Hot Pink / 1-PackTI-PH-HPIN8419171128574.5 oz
Hot Pink / 2-PackTI-PH-HPIN-2PK8419171169099.0 oz
Navy / 1-PackTI-PH-NAV8419171128644.5 oz
Navy / 2-PackTI-PH-NAV-2PK8419171169169.0 oz
Pink / 1-PackTI-PH-PIN8419171128714.5 oz
Pink / 2-PackTI-PH-PIN-2PK8419171169239.0 oz
Red / 1-PackTI-PH-RED8419171128884.5 oz
Red / 2-PackTI-PH-RED-2PK8419171169309.0 oz
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You can have all your travel documents and tickets at hand with this water-resistant organizer featuring multiple pockets.



  • Document organizer with multiple pockets
  • Interior contains 14 compartments to store cases, credit cards, and/or boarding passes, your passport, airline tickets, and money
  • Help keep everything organized and centralized while traveling
  • Water-resistant.
  • Material: Polyester and Nylon.
  • Care institution - Easy to wash and clean
  • Product dimensions: 1.2” (H) x 5.9” (W) x 10.6” (L)