24-Piece Make Up Brush Set with Case


24-Piece Make Up Brush Set with Case

24-Piece Make Up Brush Set with CaseTI-MBS-24PC13.0 oz
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Beautiful, Bold and Natural Brushes

The 24-Piece Makeup Brush Set is the perfect make up brush set for everyone. Boasting a large number of beautiful and natural-looking brushes, there is a choice of brush for every usage. With 24 brushes that ranges in function, you are all set to become the ultimate make-up artist.

Ranges of Brushes for Every Make Up

The 24-Piece Makeup Brush Set is perfect for everyone form the professional make-up artists to the teen girl who wants to try out her first make-up. The ranges of brushes will help you contour your face, apply eyeshadow, bronzer, blusher, foundation, style your eyebrows and more. Portable and convenient for use, the 24-Piece Makeup Brush Set comes with a black pouch that makes it easy to travel with. 

Soft on Skin and Durable

The 24-Piece Makeup Brush Set boasts a large of number of beautiful brushes made from soft synthetic fibers and pony hair which are soft and gentle on skin. The handle is made from bamboo making it durable and while the black pouch is PU leather. Each brush comes with its own compartment in the pouch for easy storage and management.

  • Portable and convenient to use
  • Made from synthetic fibers and bamboo for handle
  • Individual compartments for each brush
  • Range of brushes from contouring to the blusher brush
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