Men's Adjustable Waist Slimming And Training Belt

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Men's Adjustable Waist Slimming And Training BeltEF-AWSTB8419171036574.5 oz
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During workouts, this slimming belt's stretchy material hugs midsections to preserve body heat, subsequently increasing perspiration and helping exercisers achieve their weight-loss goals

  • Promotes weight loss during exercise
  • Preserves body heat and stimulates water loss
  • Adjustable Velcro closure fits waists up to 44"
  • 100% latex-free material
  • Stretchy, lightweight fabric
  • Concentrates on core muscles
  • Shapes, controls and reduces waist and abdominal area
  • Corrects posture and helps protect back
  • Waist trimmer for relieving pain or losing weight.