Discreet Intimates Travel Organizer

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Do you always just pack your undergarments in one side of your luggage then found that upon arrival at your destination, your bras and underwears got crumpled or gets totally messy? Do you wish your luggage bag simply provides you more compartments so that you can organize things for easy access later on? Things are not ideal for you at that moment but here is the solution for you. The Korean Monopoly Undergarment Travel Organizer will make every imperfect luggage, perfect, with its thoroughly thought through design. You can now discreetly store your intimates in it to properly differentiate your undergarments with other clothing or necessity.

  • Great for organizing clothes or other small belongings
  • Save space with its foldable design
  • Meticulous stitching, durable product with high quality
  • Mould-proof, Moth-proof, Moisture-proof, Good Permeability