3-Pack: Anti-Slip Sticky Pads - Assorted Colors

3-Pack: Anti-Slip Sticky Pads - Assorted ColorsTL-SP-3PK-2.5 oz
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  • Clings to any vertical, horizontal and slanted surface.
  • Very Easy to clean, When it`s getting dirty or covered by dust, just use water wash, then it will again be super sticky again after dries.
  • Holds and secures objects in place when driving around curves, going over speed bumps, sudden stops or even when doing offroad
  • Fragrant smell, nontoxic, alarming adsorption power, stopping the slippery cushion and stickinDobie of dobie sided
  • Ideal for mobile phones MP3 , keys, glasses, pens, GPS, tissue boxesEVERYTHING