3-Pack: Women Travel Tote Handbag/Purse Insert Cosmetic Organizer Phone Pocketbook Passport Wallet With Zipper Cosmetic Travel Bag Insert

Color: Black/Hot Pink/Green
Black/Hot Pink/GreenBUN-3-ELC-BLA-HPIN-GRE-114984191717172412.0 oz14 x 10 x 6''
Wine Red/Light Pink/PurpleBUN-3-ELC-WRED-LPIN-PUR-115084191717173112.0 oz14 x 10 x 6''
Red/Blue/GrayBUN-3-ELC-RED-BLU-GRA-115184191717174812.0 oz14 x 10 x 6''
Warehouse NameBundle # 1149 ( XIX-ELC-BLA + XIX-ELC-HPIN + XIX-ELC-GRE)
Bundle # 1151 ( XIX-ELC-RED + XIX-ELC-BLU + XIX-ELC-GRA)
Dropbox Linkhttps://bit.ly/3Ci25Af
Product Linkhttps://bit.ly/3CiJjcd

Do you find yourself searching for your keys, phone, wallet or other essentials that seem to always get lost in your purse? 

  • The Collapsible Purse Organizer is specially designed for people who have lots to fit in their purse and want to be able to access everything easily
  • With hidden handles to allow you to take the purse hanger in and out of your purse, you can easily switch purses and never leave something behind again
  • Simply collapse the organizer to a smaller size by using the buttons located on each side Features two zipper pockets on each side and a middle section where you can place larger items (like an iPad or a book)
  •   Pockets in the front and back allow you to reach for smaller items conveniently without having the item drop into your purse
  •   Strong enough to sustain possible external damages (So go ahead, throw your purse around!)
  • Material - Cotton and Polyester
  • Wipe with a hot damp cloth. Hang to dry.
  • Dimension: 11.25" x 6.7" x 3.9"
  • Choose from different sets of 3.