3-Pairs: Women's Compression Anti Fatigue Trouser Socks

Color: Navy
Size: Small/Medium
Navy / Small/MediumEF-ROMCS-NAV-M8419171064126.5 oz
Navy / Large/XLEF-ROMCS-NAV-L8419171063996.5 oz
Beige / Small/MediumEF-ROMCS-BEI-M8419171062526.5 oz
Beige / Large/XLEF-ROMCS-BEI-L8419171062386.5 oz
White / Small/MediumEF-ROMCS-WHI-M8419171064506.5 oz
White / Large/XLEF-ROMCS-WHI-L8419171064366.5 oz
Black / Small/MediumEF-ROMCS-BLA-M8419171062906.5 oz
Black / Large/XLEF-ROMCS-BLA-L8419171062766.5 oz
Brown / Small/MediumEF-ROMCS-BRO-M8419171063376.5 oz
Brown / Large/XLEF-ROMCS-BRO-L8419171063136.5 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA
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Product Linkhttps://goo.gl/tvH74Z

Whether you're on the move, running around the office or boarding your flight, these fashionable compression socks help keep you stylish and comfortable from sun up to sun down. Graduated compression treats tired, achy legs to the relief of improved circulation. Great for home, work, out and away

  • Helps relieve symptoms of swelling, mild spider and varicose veins
  • Ideal for standing or sitting all day, traveling or active office work
  • Graduated compression helps improve circulation
  • Great for business casual or weekend wear
  • Medical-grade graduated compression socks
  • Lightweight, comfortable socks optimize leg health
  • Controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases toward the top
  • Designed to help improve blood circulation and relieve tired, heavy, aching legs