3-Piece: Super-Soft 1600 Series Bed Sheet Set

Color: Sage Green
Size: Full
Sage Green / FullLH-1600S-3PC-SAG-F-37.5 oz
Sage Green / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-SAG-Q-37.5 oz
Sage Green / KingLH-1600S-3PC-SAG-K-37.5 oz
Sage Green / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-SAG-CK-37.5 oz
Navy Blue / FullLH-1600S-3PC-NAV-F-37.5 oz
Navy Blue / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-NAV-Q-37.5 oz
Navy Blue / KingLH-1600S-3PC-NAV-K-37.5 oz
Navy Blue / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-NAV-CK-37.5 oz
Purple / FullLH-1600S-3PC-PUR-F-37.5 oz
Purple / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-PUR-Q-37.5 oz
Purple / KingLH-1600S-3PC-PUR-K-37.5 oz
Purple / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-PUR-CK-37.5 oz
Sky Blue / FullLH-1600S-3PC-SKY-F-37.5 oz
Sky Blue / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-SKY-Q-37.5 oz
Sky Blue / KingLH-1600S-3PC-SKY-K-37.5 oz
Sky Blue / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-SKY-CK-37.5 oz
Cream / FullLH-1600S-3PC-CRE-F-37.5 oz
Cream / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-CRE-Q-37.5 oz
Cream / KingLH-1600S-3PC-CRE-K-37.5 oz
Cream / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-CRE-CK-37.5 oz
White / FullLH-1600S-3PC-WHI-F-37.5 oz
White / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-WHI-Q-37.5 oz
White / KingLH-1600S-3PC-WHI-K-37.5 oz
White / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-WHI-CK-37.5 oz
Lilac / FullLH-1600S-3PC-LIL-F-37.5 oz
Lilac / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-LIL-Q-37.5 oz
Lilac / KingLH-1600S-3PC-LIL-K-37.5 oz
Lilac / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-LIL-CK-37.5 oz
Gold / FullLH-1600S-3PC-GOL-F-37.5 oz
Gold / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-GOL-Q-37.5 oz
Gold / KingLH-1600S-3PC-GOL-K-37.5 oz
Gold / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-GOL-CK-37.5 oz
Black / FullLH-1600S-3PC-BLA-F-37.5 oz
Black / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-BLA-Q-37.5 oz
Black / KingLH-1600S-3PC-BLA-K-37.5 oz
Black / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-BLA-CK-37.5 oz
Chocolate Brown / FullLH-1600S-3PC-CHO-F-37.5 oz
Chocolate Brown / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-CHO-Q-37.5 oz
Chocolate Brown / KingLH-1600S-3PC-CHO-K-37.5 oz
Chocolate Brown / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-CHO-CK-37.5 oz
Gray / FullLH-1600S-3PC-GRA-F-37.5 oz
Gray / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-GRA-Q-37.5 oz
Gray / KingLH-1600S-3PC-GRA-K-37.5 oz
Gray / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-GRA-CK-37.5 oz
Khaki / FullLH-1600S-3PC-KHA-F-37.5 oz
Khaki / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-KHA-Q-37.5 oz
Khaki / KingLH-1600S-3PC-KHA-K-37.5 oz
Khaki / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-KHA-CK-37.5 oz
Burgundy / FullLH-1600S-3PC-BUR-F-37.5 oz
Burgundy / QueenLH-1600S-3PC-BUR-Q-37.5 oz
Burgundy / KingLH-1600S-3PC-BUR-K-37.5 oz
Burgundy / California KingLH-1600S-3PC-BUR-CK-37.5 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
Dropbox Linkhttps://goo.gl/t6vzbt
Product Linkhttps://goo.gl/s5F8yW

You will love this these 3-Piece 1600 Series Bed Sheet Set! Each color option offers a nature-inspired effortlessly attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Jump on this deal and land yourself a gorgeous sheet set that looks great and is easy to care for. These sets are perfect for the master bedroom or the guest bedroom.

  • Includes a flat sheet, & 2 pillowcases;
  • 90GSM microfiber polyester
  • Features an eye-catching leaf motif
  • Care instructions: machine washable. Wash dark colors separately. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on low heat, then promptly remove from dryer.