Soft Fleece Pet Hut

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Tan with Brown SpotsIP-PH-12-08472-TB841917123792
White with Black SpotsIP-PH-12-08472-BT
Chocolate Brown with Tan PawsIP-PH-12-08472-BW841917123785
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Cats are amongst the most regal of creatures. They're gorgeous and they know it. They have a certain air of royalty to them, like they remember the good old days when they were worshiped as gods. While we're not saying you should pad their egos any furthe because seriously, it's pretty ridiculous already we would encourage you to treat your furry companions like the quadruped potentates that they are. This Soft Fleece Pet Hut is a perfect kingdom for your furry rulers and is a major upgrade over that ratty box they currently reside in. It's great for at home or for travel and is also a great option for small dogs but don't tell the cat that.
  • Soft home for smaller pets
  • Ideal for travel
  • Removable interior fleece pad
  • Carrying handle
  • Paw-print pattern
  • Measures 13" x 17.7" x 13"
  • Available in your choice of Brown/Tan Paw prints, Black/White Spots. Tan/Brown Spots