Copper Comfort Knee, Ankle, and Elbow Compression Braces

Design: Ankle
Pack: 1-Pack
Ankle / 1-PackTI-11070-ANKLE8419171146152.0 oz
Ankle / 2-PackTI-11070-ANKLE-2PK8419171224674.0 oz
Ankle / 3-PackTI-11070-ANKLE-3PK-6.0 oz
Elbow / 1-PackTI-11069-ELBOW8419171146082.0 oz
Elbow / 2-PackTI-11069-ELBOW-2PK8419171224744.0 oz
Elbow / 3-PackTI-11069-ELBOW-3-PK-6.0 oz
Knee / 1-PackTI-11073-KNEE8419171146392.0 oz
Knee / 2-PackTI-11073-KNEE-2PK8419171224504.0 oz
Knee / 3-PackTI-11073-KNEE-3PK-6.0 oz
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Support Athletic Performance and Recovery
  • Gentle compression supports the joint and surrounding muscles
  • Added stability may improve joint and muscle mobility
  • Boosts circulation to help joints and muscles get more oxygen and nutrients
How Does Copper Help?
  • Antimicrobial properties help kill bacteria, molds, and other germs
  • Helps prevent skin irritation, extend life of product, and inhibit odor
  • Believed to release ions that support tissue health
Flexible Fabric Moves with You
  • 30% copper-infused nylon, plus rubber and spandex
  • Machine washable
  • Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets
Wearable by Most Anyone, Most Anytime
  • One size fits most adults
  • Wear during vigorous exercise, or whenever support is needed
Product Dimensions
  • Knee brace: 10.2” (L) x 6.7” (W)
  • Ankle brace: 8” (L) x 4” (W)
  • Elbow brace:  9.5” (L) x 3.15” (W)