Men’s Reversible Neoprene Slimming Sports Vest

Color: Black
Size: Large
Black / LargeEF-MSSV-BLA-L-14.0 oz
Black / MediumEF-MSSV-BLA-M-13.5 oz
Black / XLEF-MSSV-BLA-XL-14.5 oz
Blue / LargeEF-MSSV-BLU-L84191710576714.0 oz
Blue / MediumEF-MSSV-BLU-M84191710577413.5 oz
Blue / XLEF-MSSV-BLU-XL84191710578114.5 oz
Gray / LargeEF-MSSV-GRA-L84191710579814.0 oz
Gray / MediumEF-MSSV-GRA-M84191710580413.5 oz
Gray / XLEF-MSSV-GRA-XL84191710581114.5 oz
Orange / LargeEF-MSSV-ORA-L84191710582814.0 oz
Orange / MediumEF-MSSV-ORA-M84191710583513.5 oz
Orange / XLEF-MSSV-ORA-XL84191710584214.5 oz
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his men’s sports vest has a modern neoprene construction which creates a slimming effect while helping to correct form while working out

  • Men’s sports vest
  • Compression construction
  • Flattens stomach and waist
  • Provides back support
  • Modern neoprene construction
  • Good for perfecting form at the gym or at home
  • Care instructions hand wash in cold water and mild detergent