Sports Arm Band for Smartphone

Color: Black
Size: Small/Medium
Black / Small/MediumEF-BORAB-BLA-M8419171037322.0 oz
Black / Large/XLEF-BORAB-BLA-L8419171037252.0 oz
Blue / Small/MediumEF-BORAB-BLU-M8419171037562.0 oz
Blue / Large/XLEF-BORAB-BLU-L8419171037492.0 oz
Green / Small/MediumEF-BORAB-GRE-M8419171037702.0 oz
Green / Large/XLEF-BORAB-GRE-L8419171037632.0 oz
Pink / Small/MediumEF-BORAB-PIN-M8419171037942.0 oz
Pink / Large/XLEF-BORAB-PIN-L8419171037872.0 oz
Warehouse NameBORDEAUX
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Don't worry about what to do with your smartphone during that next long run or bike ride thanks to this durable sports arm band

  • Perfect solution for runners and cyclists
  • Fits iPhone and Galaxy Note models
  • Made from high-quality nylon
  • Anti-glare fiber material
  • Double-layer bag with double zipper
  • Adjustable band
  • Velcro lock with toughened tie
  • Small/Medium: 6”x4”x2”; fits iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, and 7
  • Large/XL: 6.8”x4.5”x2”; fits iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus, and Galaxy Note