3 Pack: Seamless Lightweight Comfort Bras

Options: KAMTOL
Size: Small
KAMTOL / SmallEF-3KAMCB-S8419171343164.4 oz
KAMTOL / MediumEF-3KAMCB-M8419171343234.7 oz
KAMTOL / LargeEF-3KAMCB-L8419171343304.8 oz
KAMTOL / XLEF-3KAMCB-XL8419171343475.1 oz
KAMTOL / 2XLEF-3KAMCB-2XL8419171343545.4 oz
KAMTOL / 3XLEF-3KAMCB-3XL8419171343615.6 oz
NIKITA / SmallEF-3NIKCB-S8419171343784.4 oz
NIKITA / MediumEF-3NIKCB-M8419171343854.7 oz
NIKITA / LargeEF-3NIKCB-L8419171343924.8 oz
NIKITA / XLEF-3NIKCB-XL8419171344085.1 oz
NIKITA / 2XLEF-3NIKCB-2XL8419171344155.4 oz
NIKITA / 3XLEF-3NIKCB-3XL8419171344225.6 oz
COMFORT BRAS / SmallTI-3TCB-S8419171098954.4 oz
COMFORT BRAS / MediumTI-3TCB-M8419171098884.7 oz
COMFORT BRAS / LargeTI-3TCB-L8419171098714.8 oz
COMFORT BRAS / XLTI-3TCB-XL8419171099015.1 oz
COMFORT BRAS / 2XLTI-3TCB-2XL8419171098575.4 oz
COMFORT BRAS / 3XLTI-3TCB-3XL8419171098645.6 oz
Warehouse NameCOMFORT BRAS
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Gained or lost weight, and your bra doesn’t fit your body type anymore? These Comfort Bra are designed to expand and contract with you as your body size fluctuates. The Support Bra tucks in your body and gives your body a nice contour, smoothing your appearance under your clothes.

  • 3 Bras included
  • Made of LightWeight, see-through material.
  • Ultra-wide comfort straps that prevent any slipping and sliding.
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe
  • Material: Knitted Spandex, Nylon Blend fabric
  • Designed to expand and contract with you as your body size fluctuates.
  • Made with wide sides and a wide back which help the smooth appearance under clothes
  • Has to be worn under a top or Camisole.
  • Choose From Basic, Brights, or Pastel Color Set.
  • Care Instructions -  Hand wash or machine wash on delicate settings with a light detergent. Let air dry. Cool iron if necessary.