3D Halloween Themed Scary Faces Reusable Face Masks

Style: Ghost Rider
Ghost RiderEF-DULFM-GHOR8419171593881.0 oz
Neon SkullEF-DULFM-NEOS8419171593951.0 oz
Hand of DeathEF-DULFM-HAN8419171594011.0 oz
Santa MuerteEF-DULFM-MUE8419171594181.0 oz
JokerEF-DULFM-JOK8419171594251.0 oz
Warehouse NameDULUTH
Dropbox Linkhttps://bit.ly/3brAPAI
Product Linkhttps://bit.ly/2Z4gnkp

Halloween Special Digital  Printed  Scary Faces  Adjust Ear-loop Dust-Proof Face Masks

  • 3D digital printing provides an amazing appearance
  • Adjustable ear-loop makes it fit for most face shape
  • Dust and fog proof
  • Perfect for all occasions.
  • Choose from Ghost Rider, Neon Skull, Hand of Death, Santa Muerte, or Joker.
  • Hand wash