4 in 1 Waterproof Pro Rotating Eyebrow Contouring Pencil

1-PackLS-DAVREP8419171765522.0 oz5.7 x 1.1 x 1''
2-PackLS-DAVREP-2PK8419171765694.0 oz5.7 x 1.1 x 1''
Warehouse NameDAVILA
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  • The four-in-one pencil allows you to create perfectly shaped eyebrows with depth, dimension and professional-looking results.
  •  Available in a range of shades to suit all hair colors and skin tones. It is made for every woman and her dynamic modern life.
  •  Long-lasting, waterproof and sweat-proof, easy to apply and remove.
  • Choose the options on the Pen from Concealer, Highlighter, Deeper and Sharper

Synthetic Japan wax OZO-Kerite Sorbitan Stearate Hydrogenated Olive Oil Polyethylene Hydrogenated Coconut Oil Micro Crystalline Wax Tocopherol Propylparaben CI77491 CI77891 CI77499 CI77492

Size: 1-Pack