Women's Maternity Low-Waist Panties (4-Pack)

Size: Medium
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LargeEF-4EVAMP-L-MIX8419171262364.5 oz
XLEF-4EVAMP-XL-MIX8419171262435.0 oz
XXLEF-4EVAMP-2XL-MIX8419171262505.5 oz
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Everything changes during pregnancy, even your panties no longer offer the usual comfort. Time to try on a pair or two of these low-waist maternity panties. They promise not to rub on your expanding belly, leaving you comfortable all 9 months. The cute design and color palette make them easy to adapt into your daily wardrobe.

  • Low-waist for belly comfort 
  • Colorful and fashionable 
  • 100% cotton
  • Comes in 4 pack.
  • Available in sizes M - XXL