4-Pack: Mosquito Repellent bands

4-Pack: Mosquito Repellent bandsMR-520-4PK-2.0 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA Inc
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Tired of wasting money on smelly candles that do more damage to your nose than the mosquitoes? This innovative deal lets you relax and enjoy your day without the hassle of candles, nets, harmful sprays, and other inconvenient repellant methods. Great for kids and adults alike, this deal puts a fun (and stylish) twist on keeping bugs at bay.

  • Includes 4 repellent bands
  • Keep one in your camping bag and a few in the backyard for pest freeBBQss!
  • Deet free; safe for children
  • Wrap them on your wrists, your legs, or even on your bag or tent!
  • Features colorful designs to make your day a little brighter while enjoying the sun