4-Pack Sexy Short Summer Dresses - Assorted Styles and Colors

Size: Medium
Pack: 2-Pack
Medium / 2-PackTI-TSMD-M-6.0 oz
Medium / 4-PackTI-TSMD-M-4PK-25.0 oz
Medium / 8-PackTI-TSMD-M-8PK-50.0 oz
Large / 2-PackTI-TSMD-L-6.0 oz
Large / 4-PackTI-TSMD-L-4PK-25.0 oz
Large / 8-PackTI-TSMD-L-8PK-50.0 oz
XL / 2-PackTI-TSMD-XL-6.0 oz
XL / 4-PackTI-TSMD-XL-4PK-25.0 oz
XL / 8-PackTI-TSMD-XL-4PK-50.0 oz
2XL / 4-PackTI-TSMD-2XL-4PK-27.0 oz
2XL / 8-PackTI-TSMD-2XL-4PK-50.0 oz
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Made from light and flowing fabric, these dresses are perfect for everyday use or a much waited for each day. These dresses are perfect for a quick change after a dip in the water on a hot day. They are also light and breezy, just like a warm Spring Break, ready to be enjoyed.

  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Includes 4 dresses in assorted styles and colors
  • Breezy and soft fabric
  • Designs may vary
  • Available in 3 sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large


Please order a size up as our sizes run small.