4-Pack: Women Confetti Winter Headband Wrap and Ear Warmer

4-Pack: Women Confetti Winter Headband Wrap and Ear WarmerTI-4IZAHW8419171832088.0 oz
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  • 4 Colors: Black, White, Grey, and Blue.
  • Nice look: stay warm but look trendy during the cold months in this confetti head wrap, this awesome and adorable head wraps are suitable for women of all ages, you can use it like beanies, ear muffs, or headbands
  • Delicate design: the winter headband is made of stretchy soft acrylic material, a unisex style handcrafted cable knit headband; This knit headband ear warmer matches well with your winter outfits so you and your family stay warm all winter long
  • Great fit: one size fits most, it combines plenty of stretch with a snug fit When to wear: these awesome head wraps will keep you warm from fall to the dead of winter, and with cute colors available, even wear them into spring; Great for ice-skating, running, walking to class, exercising in the cold, shopping, skiing, and even just on your day-to-day travels
  • Material:polyester
  • Product size:9.5 x 5 x 1.2''