Men's Core Support and Insta Trim Compression Undershirt

Color: Black
Size: Small
Black / SmallTI-BSU-BLA-S8419171105705.5 oz
Black / MediumTI-BSU-BLA-M8419171105636.0 oz
Black / LargeTI-BSU-BLA-L8419171105566.5 oz
Black / XLTI-BSU-BLA-XL8419171105878.5 oz
Black / 2XLTI-BSU-BLA-2XL8419171105329.5 oz
Black / 3XLTI-BSU-BLA-3XL8419171105490.0 oz
Gray / SmallTI-BSU-GRA-S8419171106935.5 oz
Gray / MediumTI-BSU-GRA-M8419171106866.0 oz
Gray / LargeTI-BSU-GRA-L8419171106796.5 oz
Gray / XLTI-BSU-GRA-XL8419171107098.5 oz
Gray / 2XLTI-BSU-GRA-2XL8419171106559.5 oz
Gray / 3XLTI-BSU-GRA-3XL8419171106620.0 oz
Light Blue / SmallTI-BSU-LBLU-S8419171107545.5 oz
Light Blue / MediumTI-BSU-LBLU-M8419171107476.0 oz
Light Blue / LargeTI-BSU-LBLU-L8419171107306.5 oz
Light Blue / XLTI-BSU-LBLU-XL8419171107618.5 oz
Light Blue / 2XLTI-BSU-LBLU-2XL8419171107169.5 oz
Light Blue / 3XLTI-BSU-LBLU-3XL8419171107230.0 oz
Lime / SmallTI-BSU-LIM-S8419171108155.5 oz
Lime / MediumTI-BSU-LIM-M8419171108086.0 oz
Lime / LargeTI-BSU-LIM-L8419171107926.5 oz
Lime / XLTI-BSU-LIM-XL8419171108228.5 oz
Lime / 2XLTI-BSU-LIM-2XL8419171107789.5 oz
Lime / 3XLTI-BSU-LIM-3XL8419171107850.0 oz
Navy / SmallTI-BSU-NAV-S8419171108775.5 oz
Navy / MediumTI-BSU-NAV-M8419171108606.0 oz
Navy / LargeTI-BSU-NAV-L8419171108536.5 oz
Navy / XLTI-BSU-NAV-XL8419171108848.5 oz
Navy / 2XLTI-BSU-NAV-2XL8419171108399.5 oz
Navy / 3XLTI-BSU-NAV-3XL8419171108460.0 oz
Orange / SmallTI-BSU-ORA-S8419171109385.5 oz
Orange / MediumTI-BSU-ORA-M8419171109216.0 oz
Orange / LargeTI-BSU-ORA-L8419171109146.5 oz
Orange / XLTI-BSU-ORA-XL8419171109458.5 oz
Orange / 2XLTI-BSU-ORA-2XL8419171108919.5 oz
Orange / 3XLTI-BSU-ORA-3XL8419171109070.0 oz
Purple / SmallTI-BSU-EGG-S8419171106315.5 oz
Purple / MediumTI-BSU-EGG-M8419171106246.0 oz
Purple / LargeTI-BSU-EGG-L8419171106176.5 oz
Purple / XLTI-BSU-EGG-XL8419171106488.5 oz
Purple / 2XLTI-BSU-EGG-2XL8419171105949.5 oz
Purple / 3XLTI-BSU-EGG-3XL8419171106000.0 oz
Red / SmallTI-BSU-RED-S8419171109905.5 oz
Red / MediumTI-BSU-RED-M8419171109836.0 oz
Red / LargeTI-BSU-RED-L8419171109766.5 oz
Red / XLTI-BSU-RED-XL8419171110038.5 oz
Red / 2XLTI-BSU-RED-2XL8419171109529.5 oz
Red / 3XLTI-BSU-RED-3XL8419171109690.0 oz
White / SmallTI-BSU-WHI-S8419171110585.5 oz
White / MediumTI-BSU-WHI-M8419171110416.0 oz
White / LargeTI-BSU-WHI-L8419171110346.5 oz
White / XLTI-BSU-WHI-XL8419171110658.5 oz
White / 2XLTI-BSU-WHI-2XL8419171110109.5 oz
White / 3XLTI-BSU-WHI-3XL8419171110270.0 oz
Warehouse NameInstra Trim
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2 in 1 Compression and Posture Support Shirt is an innovative base layer that actually slims and streamlines your look while offering support for your body. Made to fit tight to give optimum performance and designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and ergonomic specialists to improve posture, reduce back pain and provide core support.

  • 16 firming panels tighten midsections and waists
  • Form-fitting undershirts help trim down love handles and midsections, and their panels Supports weary backs and helps improve posture

  • Fits seamlessly beneath T-shirts, button-downs, and superhero suits
  • Available in Black and White,.
  • Sizes available in Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL.
  • Polyester-spandex blend
  • Machine wash, air dry; do not bleach