5-Piece : Candy Floss Power Makeup Brushes


5-Piece : Candy Floss Power Makeup Brushes

5-Piece : Candy Floss Power Makeup BrushesLS-5DINCMB-PIN8419171479033.0 oz6.7'' x 4'' x 0.62''
Warehouse NameDINA
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Every beauty expert knows flawless makeup begins with the application process. If you haven't scored yourself a set of stellar brushes, or maybe the ones you have in your cosmetic bag have seen better days--regardless, now is the time to take home beauty in the form of these colorful 5 must-have brushes. 

  • Made from synthetic material
  • Wash your brushes with mild soap and lay out to dry 
  • Available in Bright Pink
Set Includes 5 Brushs

Blusher Brush: 6.2'' x 0.62'' (HxW)
Powder Brush: 6.2'' x 0.62'' (HxW)
Flame Brush: 6.2'' x 0.47'' (HxW)
Eye Shadow Brush: 6.2'' x 0.27'' (HxW)
Liner Brush: 6.2'' x 0.27'' (HxW)

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