2-Pack: Unisex Attachable Anti Slip Anti-Skid Ice-Traction Cleats Over Shoe/Boot

Size: Small
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A perfect solution to cold environments! Eliminate the threat of slipping on ice with this pair of traction cleats, available in various sizes that will fit shoes up to 11. Designed for easy on and off an application, featuring 10 rugged steel studs which provide unsurpassed traction. The patented design conforms to the length & width of your boot, gripping into the slippery surface without jarring or slipping itself. Also works as a solution for mud, sand, wet grass, and snow!

  • Traction devices stretch overshoes to create traction
  • Prevents slippage in icy conditions
  • Rugged steel studs for tenacious grip & stability
  • 10 Carbide steel spikes per cleat
  • Heel and forefoot cleats maintain traction throughout your natural stride while walking
  • Glove-friendly with no buckles or straps to tighten
  • Pull tab on the heel allows for easy on/off
  • Foldable; easily fits in your pocket while not in use
  • Made of rubber for added comfort and long-lasting durability
  • Ideal for hiking, running, shoveling, dog walking, ice fishing, and mail fetching
  • Unisex
(Shoe Size)
Men  3-5
Women  5-7 

(Shoe Size)
Men  5-8
Women  7-10

(Shoe Size)
Men 8-11
Women 10-13