6 Pack : Unisex Compression Socks for Plantar Fasciitis

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Compression socks help relieve pain associated with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis; moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and anti-odor design

Helps Soothe Arch and Heel Pain

Each sock's targeted compression zones provides support to your feet's arches and heels, which can help relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and other foot conditions.

Comfortable, Exercise-Friendly Design

The lightweight, moisture-wicking socks fit just like normal athletic socks do, making them comfortable to wear during runs and workouts.

Sizing Info
  • Small/medium: women's sizes 6.5-9.5 and men's sizes 5-9.5
  • Large/XL: women's sizes 10-13.5 and men's sizes 10-12
  • Material: 75% nylon, 25% spandex
  • Care instructions: machine-wash, tumble-dry