8-Piece: Silky Soft Satin Sheet Sets -Wrinkle, Fade, Stain Resistant - Deep Pockets

Size: Queen
Color: Chocolate/Black
Queen / Chocolate/BlackOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-CHO-BLA-Q-1209-57.6 oz
Queen / Chocolate/GoldOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-CHO-GOL-Q-1211-57.6 oz
Queen / Chocolate/IvoryOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-CHO-IVO-Q-1213-57.6 oz
Queen / Chocolate/RedOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-CHO-RED-Q-1215-57.6 oz
Queen / Chocolate/WhiteOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-CHO-WHI-Q-1217-57.6 oz
Queen / Gold/IvoryOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-GOL-IVO-Q-1219-57.6 oz
Queen / Red/WhiteOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-RED-WHI-Q-1221-57.6 oz
Queen / Black/WhiteOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-BLA-WHI-Q-1223-57.6 oz
King / Chocolate/BlackOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-CHO-BLA-K-1210-67.2 oz
King / Chocolate/GoldOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-CHO-GOL-K-1212-67.2 oz
King / Chocolate/IvoryOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-CHO-IVO-K-1214-67.2 oz
King / Chocolate/RedOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-CHO-RED-K-1216-67.2 oz
King / Chocolate/WhiteOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-CHO-WHI-K-1218-67.2 oz
King / Gold/IvoryOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-GOL-IVO-K-1220-67.2 oz
King / Red/WhiteOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-RED-WHI-K-1222-67.2 oz
King / Black/WhiteOVR-BUN-2-SATIN-BLA-WHI-K-1224-67.2 oz
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Add some color to your bedroom with this sheets set made of soft-in-touch and wrinkle-resistant microfiber with a satin-like finish.The best word to describe these sheets and pillowcases is - "Amazing". These luxurious satin sheets are unmatched when it comes to comfort, silkiness and beauty all at an incredibly low price. The benefit to you is sheets and pillowcases that are extremely smooth to the touch, have a beautiful shiny sheen and have a silky feel without the silk price. 

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Care Instructions
  • Machine wash
  • Tumble dry low
  • Fit Information
  • Pocket depth: 14”
  • Fits mattresses up to 16”
Set Contents

Flat sheet
Fitted sheet
2 pillowcases