2 Pairs : Tiny Tot Knee Guards

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During yoga class, you can last about 30 seconds in any pose that requires you to balance on your knees before they start to really hurt. So just imagine how your poor little baby feels after crawling around all day! (After all, it is their main mode of transportation.) Protect those little knees from scrapes and bruises by slipping on a pair of these handy baby knee guards. They’re designed to help protect youngsters as they make their first scoots and steps up until they’re ready to run and explore the great big world around them.

Includes 2 pairs of knee guards
Material: 80% cotton, 18% Dacron and 2% Spandex
Protect your little darlings’ knees from bruises and scrapes when they are curiously crawling
Durable, machine washable and dryer safe
One size fits most