Tassels Collection Designer Vest

Style/Design: Frenzy Vest - Midnight Garden
Frenzy Vest - Midnight GardenCEVEST-BPF7229502730363.5 oz
Frenzy Vest - Rhapsody in BlueCEVEST-BPP7229502730433.5 oz
Frenzy Vest - LatticeworkCEVEST-BWP7229502730673.5 oz
Frenzy Vest - Purple RainCEVEST-GMX7229502730293.5 oz
Tassels Collection Vest - Hint of TaosCEVEST-CTR-3.5 oz
Tassels Collection Vest - Green with EnvyCEVEST-OCA7229502730743.5 oz
Tassels Collection Vest - Boho ChicCEVEST-OCP7229502730983.5 oz
Tassels Collection Vest - Wild ThingCEVEST-RLF7229502731043.5 oz
Tassels Collection Vest - Azure WavesCEVEST-TPC-3.5 oz
Tassels Collection Vest - Free SpiritCEVEST-TRI-3.5 oz
Tassels Collection Vest - Sand StormCEVEST-TTC7229502730813.5 oz
Warehouse NameTagCo USA
Dropbox Linkhttps://goo.gl/48vDwh
Product Linkhttp://www.tagcousa.com/961

The next generation of the best-selling vests has a new edge! Upscale styles in 12 awesome prints, are reorderable by collection: black fringe (fringe frenzy) or cream tassels (tons of tassels). Easy flowing style that compliments any age. One size fits most. Conveniently packed with hanger. A great gift that travels easily. On the fringe of chic!

48% Chiffon Polyester
52% Cotton
35% Chiffon Polyester
65% Polyester
  • Multiple Ways to Wear
  • Measurements: 43.25 L X 62 W
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash On Delicate Cycle & Lay Flat To Dry