Tablet PC Holder for Auto and Home

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Now you can easily follow along to that recipe on your tablet without fear of spilling ingredients all over, or follow along to the GPS on your tablet without balancing your tablet on your knee or passenger seat! With the iBasics Tablet PC Holder for Auto and Home you'll always be able to find and view your favorite websites, GPS, or videos

  • Use in house - great for use in kitchen for following recipes, watch movies or programs all over the house, and more!
  • Ideal use for a wide range of tablet PCs 8" and above
  • Flexible Holder can be adjusted to any angle
  • Suitable for different surfaces: glass panes, flat desk, windshield
  • Newly designed lever operated vacuum suction design
  • Firmly clutches on plain surfaces
  • Super absorbent and stable
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Stand is 5" H, Suction cup is 3.5" D, Holder is 6" H (extends to 10")
  • Holder is padded for extra protection
  • Black Color