14-Pack : Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips

14-Pack : Advanced Teeth Whitening StripsLS-14ATLTWS-WHI8419171186752.0 oz
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A smile says a thousand words, what does yours say about you? If yours is looking a little shabby these days, perhaps even dare we say, YELLOW, it is time for you to begin whitening those teeth. A bright white smile will boost your confidence and attract some proper attention. These Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips are definitely something to smile about.
  • Includes 14 pouches. Each pouch has 2 strips.
  • Brightens and whitens teeth
  • Easy-to-use with quick results
  • Mint flavor

PVP,Glycerin,water,polysorbate-80,flavor,citric acid,maltodextrin, cellacefate