Cute and Fun Plush Emoji Slippers

Design: Angry
AngryII-20948970567448683.0 oz
Heart EyesII-21048970567448753.0 oz
KissII-21148970567448823.0 oz
Crazy MeII-21248970567448993.0 oz
NaughtyII-21348970567449053.0 oz
Purple DemonII-21448970567449123.0 oz
SunglassesII-21548970567449293.0 oz
PoopII-21648970567449363.0 oz
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You will get your own slippers with the hilarious emoji faces stitched on. You can be sure that everybody will notice them and definitely love them. These jaw-dropping slippers can also become a great gift for family and friends! One size fits all 11'' x 6''