Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener Bag

Color: Nude
Size: 1-Pack
Nude / 1-PackTI-BCAFP-NUD8419171186374.0 oz
Nude / 2-PackTI-BCAFP-NUD-2PK8419171202038.0 oz
Green / 1-PackTI-BCAFP-GRE8419171186444.0 oz
Green / 2-PackTI-BCAFP-GRE-2PK8419171202108.0 oz
Purple / 1-PackTI-BCAFP-PUR8419171186514.0 oz
Purple / 2-PackTI-BCAFP-PUR-2PK8419171202278.0 oz
Blue / 1-PackTI-BCAFP-BLU8419171186684.0 oz
Blue / 2-PackTI-BCAFP-BLU-2PK8419171202348.0 oz
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No one wants a smelly house, car, or closet. If you are anything like us, natural smells are the way to go. Not only is there no room for smelly rooms, there is no room for those icky artificial scents. This Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener Bag is our answer to effectively eliminating yucky smells, naturally and effectively. Snap up one or more and strategically place them throughout the house or in the car for a satisfying scent no matter where you are.

  • Natural and effective room scent
  • Made of bamboo and charcoal
  • Great for any room in the house
  • Available in your choice of Nude, Green, Purple, or Blue